Bitter Crystals for Chronic Constipation



Cape Aloe Bitter Crystals

Cape Aloe Bitter Crystals

Those words truly describe the Cape Aloe Bitter Crystals from The House of Aloes in South Africa.  They are most definitely “bitter” which means they are good for the body.  And they have a powerful effect on the body.  Just what do these tiny black and bitter crystals do?

ENCOURAGE A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Within the “sap” of the Cape Aloe leaf is the substance called “aloin” which is a powerful, natural laxative.  The gets the digestive system moving so that food does not sit in the colon and rot.  When food rots in the colon,  a “leaky gut” is formed which allows waste and toxins to enter the blood stream.  It is in our colon that we absorb nutrients.  It is by the colon that the body removes toxins.  Only when the colon empties on a regular basis – not too fast and not too slow–that the body is able to do its job correctly.

CAUSES THE COLON TO TIGHTEN AND HEAL: Unlike synthetic laxatives, the Bitter Crystal is not habit forming because it causes the colon to tighten and heal.  Doctors say doing a detox two to three times a year is a good practice.  Then you can take one crystal a week for maintenance and the body will not become dependent upon the crystal.

NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE COLON CLEANSER: The Cape Aloe contains detoxifying agents that will remove bacteria, virus, and other toxins from the body.  Therefore, the crystal will cleanse the colon of unwanted impurities.  Bacteria and viruses are what causes inflammation in the colon and it is inflammation that brings on colitis, IBS, and Chrons disease.  The Bitter Crystal will also detoxify the liver and the blood.

KILLS INTESTINAL PARASITES: Many are unaware of the damage intestinal parasites can cause.  From absorbing vital nutrients to leaving waste products, these little  varmints reek havoc within the colon.  Once again, it is the slow moving digestive system that is most susceptible to parasites.  This bitter crystals does them in.  We wash our pet with the Bitter Shampoo because it helps to protect them from ticks and fleas.  Isn’t it great that the varmints don’t like the Bitter Crystal yet it is of such good benefit for the human?

When you consume the Bitter Crystals you not only stop Chronic Constipation, you also detox the colon, the blood, and the liver.  You are ridding your body of the impurities that bring about disease.  Why not get your Bitter Crystal jar today and begin your journey to health and healing.  Remember to always get the right nutrition when you are doing a detox or the body will re-absorb the toxins.  That is why we always recommend drinking the Aloe Drink when you are doing a detox.




  1. I would like to know more about Cape Aloe Bitter Crystals. Where is a good place to buy them? Is there a difference in quality? How does one take them for chronic constipation?

    • Hello Ben;
      This is the website where you can purchase the Bitter Crystals. These are the original crystals developed centuries ago by The House of Aloes.

      Thanks so much,

  2. Hello Jennifer; I apologize for taking so long to respond. There have been things in my life that have kept me from attending to this blog. Such is life.
    Now, to your husband’s health issue. From what I read and others tell me, the first thing your husband needs to do is to stop eating all grains. It is very likely that he is gluten intolerant. So many Americans are because we eaten far too much wheat for decades because of the inferior food diagram put out by the FDA.
    There are so many diseases connected to eating grains. From joint pain to diabetes. In fact, those with diabetes should not eat grains because the human body turns grain (especially processed grains) into sugar immediately.
    But back to your husband. If he completely eliminates grain from his diet for three to four weeks, he should notice an improvement in his health. Eat food as close to its natural form as possible. Also take some digestive enzyme’s and pro-biotics. Most people with a colon disorder have lost the balance of gut flora. Plan on taking Pro-biotics for at least a year.
    The product that we carry that would aid the body in healing would be the Aloe Drink. Aloe has long been known to aid the whole digestive system and the African Aloe has 22 times the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients than its cousin Aloe Vera.
    I hope your husbands desire to be well will allow him to at least try this suggestion. So many have and so many now enjoy a level of health they did not know was possible.
    Take good care and nutrition,

  3. I use to purchase bitter chrystal from house of aloe in rockaway blvd in queens but they are no longer there. are you anywhere in New York ?

    • Hello Michael; No, I am not in New York. I am in Kansas. You can order from my website at: OR, with you permission, I can send your email to an agent I have in the Bronx who does have some Bitter Crystals on hand.
      The problem right now, is that there was a drought in South Africa where the Aloe Ferox (or Cape Aloe) grows and The House of Aloes had to stop harvesting for awhile. They are just getting up and going again. It may be a month or two before there are crystals available to us here in the states. At this point, we can still get the Arthro-Detox which has the bitters in it in powder form. They could get you by until the crystals are available again.

      I must tell you that my maiden name is Shaw, and I have a cousin whose name is Michael Shaw. LOL

      Let me know what would work best for you Michael. Thanks so much for checking us out.
      Barb @

  4. If taking prednisone , should i continue to take bitter crystals?

    • Hello Jill;
      The Bitter Crystals should not interfere with Prednisone. However, each body is different and will respond to the drug and to the crystals differently. Prednisone is a very strong medication with a very, very long list of side effects. Even though constipation is not on that very long list of side effects, I have had many people who testified that this drug caused constipation. When medications interfere with the natural flow of the digestive system, the body becomes a very toxic environment which causes it to break down allowing illness and disease to take over. Would you like to get off of the Prednisone?

  5. Hello,
    Actually i’m just taking 2 pills a day for 5 days and the week before it was 1 a day for 5 days, so prayfully that will be the end of it. I just started taking the bitter crystals on sunday and have not seen any results although friends of mine had immediate results . that’s why i thought the prednisone had somthing to do with it.

    Thank you

    • How many bittet crystals should i take a one time?

  6. I can tell you for a fact that this aloe crystal is a miraculous product. I lived in South Africa for ten years and saw the extra ordinary, incredibly outstanding
    results of aloe crystal. I was very ill recently suffering from infection which was caused by dental implants. The gum was painful and the blood pressure rose to 248 over 214. I was afraid and called the doctor.. He said to go to the dentist immediately for antibiotics. I was away helping an ill relative. I decided to try the aloe crystal, Within four hours, the pressure dropped by more than 100 points on both readings. This treatment should have continued,however, I ran out of the aloe crystal. While in South Africa, I can attest to what I witnessed first hand. This product is good for many health problems. It removes toxins from the body, while simultaneously healing many other illnesses and health issues. This product should be more readily available in the U.S.A. Please advise where the aloe crystal can be
    found in New York state and also in Florida and Texas. Several people that I know can no longer find this, since many of these retail stores have closed, being swallowed by the giants. Many thanks for assistance in finding the aloe crystal in the U.S.A. Respectfully Lee

    • Hello Lee; I truly appreciate your taking the time to comment about the African Aloe Bitter Crystals. I have experience with them myself and with many customers from 2007 until 2013. Unfortunately the FDA got involved and would not allow The House of Aloes to ship the product to the USA anymore. I have not been able to get products for about a year, so it took my business down. You can call the distribution center in Florida at 321-622-5942 to see if they were able to work out things with the FDA and get the products into the USA.

      I also urge you to contact your state representative and your Senator and tell that the FDA has too much power and is run by big Pharma. I truly believe that it was the drug companies that stopped the import. That and the law that the FDA runs on that says, “Only a drug can diagnosis, treat, and cure a disease”. Never has there been any bigger lie. It is the body and the body alone that heals. And it cannot heal unless it has the nutrition that nurtures and feeds the body. This I know to be true – the body is never drug deficient. Linus Pauling, one of the greatest scientists that ever lived and who studied the body and nutrition said, and I quote, “Every sickness, every disease, every ailment can be traced to a nutrient deficiency.” So why are we having to live under a law that says only a drug can do what the body was designed to do? Living under this law has brought this country to its knees in sickness and disease. Lets fight to turn it around so we have true prevention and health care by feeding the body what it needs to do what God created it to do…..heal itself.

      Sorry to bring you this news. It broke my heart. I tried to hold on but the burden was too great.
      Take good care and nutrition,

  7. I would like to know if the bitter crystals enhance your immune system?

    • Hello Shikara. The Bitter Crystals encourage a healthy immune system. Because about 85% of our immune system is in the colon, we need to be sure that the colon is functioning correctly and that the colon flora is in a good balance. The Bitter Crystals aid the movement of the digestive system. The Bitter Crystals are also anti-fungal, anti-parasitical, and anti-virus. Although extremely bitter, they are very powerful. Do you mind my asking if you battle constipation? Or if there is another reason you are concerned about your immune system?
      Thanks so much for your comment.

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